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About Us

History of UCA – A Utility Construction Company in Texas

Utility Contractors of America, Inc. (a Texas Corporation) was started in Lubbock, TX by Ty Lane, Dwain Lane, Britt Lane, Troy Lane, and Chris Balios in 1987 and has grown to become widely regarded as the premier utility contractor in West Texas. UCA’s success is attributed to our ability to build trust with our clients. We build this trust by providing quality construction, on time, while delivering a positive business experience from pre-construction through warranty.

UCA has delivered projects through various methods including stipulated sum bids, negotiated, design bid build, design build, cost plus, and job order contracting. While approximately two-thirds of our volume is public work, we negotiate most of the other one-third of our work in the private sector through referral and recommendation of past clients. Our ability to use every client as a 100% positive reference is the lifeblood of our success.

Our personnel can provide a variety of construction-related services as well. From pre-construction through warranty and operations, we can help our clients achieve maximum success with their projects by providing schematic estimating, cost projections, feasibility analysis, constructability reviews, quality control, and warranty.

We also provide all our projects with a full fleet of equipment that is owned and serviced in-house that include on-site service trucks and full time mechanics as well as a full fabrication shop. By realizing that equipment costs directly affect the overall construction expense, by owning, operating, and servicing our equipment UCA can keep these costs at a minimum.

Our Philosophy & Principles

We recognize that, as a construction company, our employees are our greatest assets. Utility Contractors of America, Inc. is only as successful as the individual members of its team. Clients place their trust in our firm; however, they work with individuals and develop their opinions of Utility Contractors of America, Inc. based on the people with whom they come in direct contact.

We are committed to retaining a highly competent staff of professionals and giving them the opportunity to continue to grow in capability. Our intent is to have each employee feel genuine pride in Utility Contractors of America, its quality work, its outstanding fellow workers, and above all, its intense dedication to serving our clients and their specific project needs.

We recognize that, for this organization to continue to succeed and grow, the staff must realize that each person is an important team member. Employees must feel dignity and pride in their jobs. They must personally identify with the firm’s successes or failures and enjoy their work. Continuous efforts will be made to maintain an environment where this is possible.

We believe in a management philosophy which encourages open communication throughout the company and which recognizes the importance of employee involvement in problem solving. We seek to minimize problems and prevent errors whenever possible… to do each job right the first time exactly as defined in the project documents. We strive to create an atmosphere of trust which encourages open communication. We believe in providing all of our employees with positive encouragement, recognition, coaching, and mentoring. We believe in the concept of seeking continuous improvement in all that we do.

We lean on God for guidance and strength as referenced in Philippians 4:13 which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Our faith in God leads our business and life decisions.